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For approximately 14 months I had been traveling to the Blue Morpho Ayahuasca retreat center in the Amazon jungle of Peru as a guest. During that time, I became close with Malcolm (one of the master shamans), his wife Loretta (who has immersed herself in shamanism and mysticism) and the other assistants. My relationship to all things were about to change.

On my February 2015 tour, a specific event happened to me during ceremony that prompted Malcolm to offer me a chance to partner with them to launch and grow Blue Morpho International (BMI); an international tour company that  designs and leads specialized journeys around the world. It was a no brainer for me, because it combined my passions for travel, spirituality and helping others on their own journeys in to one amazing package, of coarse I said yes! I had been traveling around the world on a solo journey for 3 years at this point and was starting to feel unfulfilled traveling alone and having experiences just for my own sake. Yes, it was still fun, but I wanted more. I felt this whole process of traveling needed to evolve. That’s when the opportunity to be part of BMI came into my life and it changed the way I travel and added a much needed rejuvenating shot of wanderlust into my life. 

The specific events of the February 2015 tour were so intense and transformational that I needed guidance and time to integrate the experience and become what was destined for me. In my upcoming book, I will share the specific details of these events, but for now…

BMI is an international tourism company that takes guests to sacred sites around the world, delve into ancient civilizations belief systems, live with and learn from nomadic tribal communities in the farthest flung areas of the world, embark on grand adventures, look past the stories of religions and follow the footsteps connecting to the spirit of the great Ascended Masters. We weave a journey of body, mind and spirit for our guests’ to open inner doorways and examine the structure of their own lives and being able to make changes where they see it will benefit them.  Although on our international tours we do not use plant medicines, the tours we have created have an enormous ability to transform our guests and allow them to grow. It has had an amazing impact on my life and my spiritual journey. I am so grateful I get to share these stories and trips with all of you.

Read more about the tours and scouting trips of BMI, follow along with my blog posts and get some behind-the-scenes experiences that always seem to find me in spontaneous, couldn't plan for if you tried, experiences. Share in my journey of healing, growth and personal transformation.



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