San Pedro Shamanic Exploration

San Pedro Shamanic Exploration

I always like working with the sacred plant medicine of San Pedro, also know by its native name Huachuma. I had just finished a week long Tree Dieta followed by an Ayahuasca tour and jumped right into this San Pedro tour which always helps me to open up and integrate everything. San Pedro is a powerful medicine but in different ways than Aya. The effects come in through the backdoor of consciousness and it creeps up on you. Its very mild in how you perceive the effects but you can move mountains in the work that is being done. San Pedro grows in the Andes at higher elevations compared to Aya in the jungle. If we think along the lines of where it grows and its physical characteristics the effects of the medicine mimic that. I feel that it allows me to be elevated, on top of the mountain, becoming open, looking at the vast panoramas of life. It has a quality that brings up emotions and feelings, connecting oneself with nature, the environment, and people around you. Its a special medicine that I love working with. I have blog posts of other San Pedro Ceremonies and what they look and feel like but I want to focus on where I am headed and how this tour opened up a whole new world to me. 

This tour was different for me. I have started to take an active role in helping guests in Ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonies with Blue Morpho and on this tour I was asked to perform the the 3 ceremonies outside of the 4 San Pedro ceremonies we had that week. The first was the opening ceremony at Matcha Calca. This is a sacred site where they stored all the grains and food for the surrounding communities in structures built at high elevations on the side of a sacred mountain. The Mayans believed that the sacred mountain was a place of high energy and that energy would transfer into the food they stored which would transfer into them and sustain their life as they nourished themselves with it.  

On the first day we climbed up to Matcha Calca and we held a ceremony opening up the tourand setting the space for the continued journey. This was the first shamanic ceremony that I have ever conducted with a group so I was a little nervous but really excited for this opportunity. I know this is my path and the only way I was going to learn and grow was to jump right in. Leading up to this tour I had purged a lot of doubt and fear that was residing in me. I was able to come to a point where i didn't care anymore about messing up, or what was going to happen I just needed to commit and do it. So I set up a rock alter and cleansed it, offering tobacco and coca leaves as a blessing for the ceremony and the group. I then introduced the guest to the plant spirit Coca Madre and we handed out individual bags of Coca leaves and activator to be used throughout the week on days we weren't working with San Pedro. We showed the guests how to make a blessing the ancient way which is still practiced by locals throughout the Sacred Valley. The ceremony continued as I called upon Coca Madre to bless us and I asked for permission for us to enter her Sacred Valley and called on her for protection during our journey. I then need to open the space even more and really call in the medicine from the universe.  I called upon the Medicine Kings of the Four Directions and opened the gates of the medicine world. The North, East, South and West, each providing its own medicine that when worked with in a holistic way brings balance and peace to our lives by removing blockages and straightening our energies. All this medicine was flowing into each of us helping us and guiding us throughout the week. We then all took 3 Coca leaves from the bag an arranged them for our individual blessings and offerings. During this time we whistle into the leaves, expressing our intention and asking for permissions and protections from the spirits. Everyone can express themselves in their own way, there isn't a right or wrong way of doing this. We all made our offering and blessing and sent our intention across the sacred valley and into the universe. We also work with the Coca leaves by chewing them so I showed the guests the proper way to chew the Coca leaves and add the activator which stimulates a specific alkaloid used to help with altitude sickness, fatigue, and also invoking the spirit of Coca Madre. From there we moved to a couple of other areas of the sites where the priests or shamans lived and worked with the energies of the mountains. The guests were able to take some time and connect with the site and just take in the amazing vistas provided by this beautiful valley. 

The second ceremony I lead was at another sacred site which is called Naupa Capilla, an amazing holy church that the high priests used to transition the spirit from the deceased to the spirit world. I love this site, we are always the only visitors here and we have the whole place to ourselves. The site is off the tourist trail and hidden in the mountains behind a huge rock face, its absolutely stunning. When we climbed up to the site the first thing we did was prepare the site energetically for our group to enter. We cleansed the space and then had each guest make an offering with Coca leaves to the guardian spirit for permission to enter. Once everyone was in and comfortable I began by explaining about the many areas within the site and how they were used for ceremony. There is a cave in the back section of the site where the guardian spirit still resides looking after the space and the energetic significance that it still holds the vibration of.   It shows itself in the energetic vision realms as a giant dragon, very friendly as long as your respectful and have good intentions. From that point I took the group on a guided meditation where we explored the idea of Ancestors both as part of our physical blood lineage but also energetically as everything that has ever come before and is still here to teach and guide us. Like the spirits of Coca Madre, San Pedro, and the mighty Apu’s (mountain spirits) that we are working with during the week. It was a beautiful experience for me, again I was a little nervous but felt myself open up with every ceremony and experience I was involved in. Its going to take practice and experience to really learn the art of storytelling and shamanism and that is exactly what I’m doing. 

The last ceremony was that of the closing of the tour on the last day. This ceremony was all about gratitude, thanking all the guests, team members and shamans for the work and support through the whole tour. Lots of love and gratitude was expressed for there spirits that also helped us purge and release all the things that no longer serve our higher self. A chance to really open up our hearts and feel the love and light come into being by working with the spirit of gratitude, knowing that we can't always do everything on our own and its alright to ask for help and lean on others. A beautiful ending to a magical week through the Sacred Valley. 

This tour was my first real step into practicing Shamanism with a group of guests. It is a role that i am evolving into with the continued work I’ll be doing with Blue Morpho International, our global spiritual tourism company. The amazing thing about this is that there is infinite space to grow into the universal realms of Shamanism. A journey that will be lifelong with endless volumes of divine wisdom to learn, channel and practice. A journey I am eternally grateful for! Lets see where it takes me!