Life is meant to be an experiment, to explore what it means to you to be alive; this journey is my exploration and perspective on what my meaning of life is

I was never a spiritual person, nor was I religious, but I believed that there was something else out there. The problem was, I never experienced anything that I would consider a spiritual experience sop it wasn't really real to me.  I had never lived my life on blind faith or beliefs that didn't have an experiential component to them.  I needed to feel it, taste it, and be it for it to be real to me. When I finally had these experiences and was able to explore them from many different perspectives a new world opened up for me that has completely changed my life and has allowed me to come into my authenticity and truth. I was able to get back my power and my life. 

In my "previous life" (the time before 2013), I was a successful entrepreneur who was striving for and accumulating all the material possessions society tells you will make you happy, only to find that I was never fulfilled. I went through a really rough time in my life where I lost my mom, dad, brother and best friend in a short amount of time. These series of tragedies was coupled with a big business that I spent 12 years and a lot of blood, sweat and tears to build was failing due to the economic downturn of 2008. All this pressure and the sheer anger, sadness, despair and loneliness that I felt led me to compound my problems through drinking, promiscuous behavior and partying that completely took me out of balance and off center. I found myself spiraling down a slippery slope: I could see my demise just around the next corner. Since I could see it there was still a part of me that wasn't completely tied to the idea of self destructing, so I decided to change and choose me.  

It was on a bright, sunny and hungover Thursday morning that I decided to choose me over the life I was living. Without really knowing what that was going to look like, I started to re-design my life. That was the single best decision I have ever made and the beginning of what would be the most amazing journey of my life and why I have decided to create this website! 

There isn't any conclusion or end to this story, because this journey is who I am and will continue well after I shed this meat suit we call a body. So much healing has happened—growth beyond what I thought possible—and personal transformation that still amazes me. I have experienced a different perspective on the entire idea of existence and what it means to be alive, to be human, to be spirit and embody love. I have truly felt God, navigated the different realms and dimensions of the existence of my being, been in union with many spirit deities, reconnected to my Mom and Dad’s spirits, and I have shed so much crap that no longer serves me which has led me back to myself, truly finding me for the first time. Now that is my true exploration, of self and all of the universe that is contained within me. To consciously create my reality and my universe as I continue the path of mastering self. 

Much of this website is focused around my exploration of consciousness through the use of sacred plants, such as Ayahuasca, San Pedro, and Peyote along with trips to sacred sites and indigenous cultures around the world studying ancient civilizations and cosmologies to better understand the universe and self. I have dedicated my life to this journey, helping others, and this website enables me to share it with you. Thanks for taking the time to join me!